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Back in Bansko, you can visit the nearby micro dam, to enjoy the sun setting.

Banya, a nearby village, offers a lovely open air pool with hot mineral water for a refreshing swim.

If you are a fan of train rides, you can catch the narrow gorge train from Bansko to Dobrinishte. If you think the ride is short, board the train for a fun ride to the village of Avramova in the Rhodope Mountains, the highest train stop in Bulgaria. The ride takes about 2 hours and is one of the most picturesque in the country.

For animal lovers, visit the reserve for dancing bears, in the town of Belitsa. The park hosts 13 dancing bears in a near-to-natural habitat.

Summer in Bansko
Bansko has a lot to offer the summer traveller. It is the perfect place to get away from the hustle and bustle of every day life.

Apart from the more traditional entertainments and sleeping late, there are quite a few things to occupy your time. Picnic sites are plentiful in the Pirin Mountains and the locals have constructed hearths where you can cook up a feast. For a lighter meal you could take a hike in the woods and feast on the abundant berries which ripen in late July and August. You can spend a day and climb the highest peak of the Pirin Mountain, Vitren (2,914 metres). From Bansko you drive to the Vitren hut, which is at the foot of the peak, leave your car there and climb to the peak.


Summer Sports
• Hiking
• Mountain bikes
• Tennis
• Climbing
• Horse riding
• Fishing.